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Covid-19 times has taken a toll on everyone’s mind. We stay at home more than ever. Everyone is advised to self-quarantine at home, hence everyone, including our maids and helpers are practicing the same. So now, the main question arises – Who is going to deal with the home chores?

For years we have seen the diverse works assigned by god-knows-who to the genders. A man has to be the bread-earner, whereas a woman has to be home-runner. According to that, where a man’s duty begins from majorly 9 in the morning and ends at 6 in the evening, a woman’s work revolves non-stop, 24*7 around the house. Now that we see times have changed in places where a woman is capable of being a bread-earner to the family, a man shouldn’t be frowned upon when he works at home doing the chores. After all if we can share the happy moments, laughter, darkest deepest secrets and everything else than why not #ShareTheLoad .

I remember an incident when at home a movie was going to premiere on TV and me and my brother were very excited about it. He asked me to join as only 20 minutes were left for the movie. We had popcorns and snacks on the table but I was unable to join him because I had to finish some last minute laundry. So even though I wished to join, I denied. He understood my situation and…

He said, ” Arey why didn’t you say this earlier?, I would have already done it when you had gone to fetch the vegetables from the market. Come, now let’s do it together. If we can watch a movie together can’t we do the chores together too?”

Hearing all these words of wisdom from my younger brother was a delight. I felt relieved knowing that he understands that it isn’t a women’s job to do the chores alone but a “to-do list” and irrespective of the gender anyone can do it.

While it’s important to inculcate this idea to everyone in our influence, The brand Ariel is doing its bit to bring the change through the #ShareTheLoad #ShareTheLaundry #ShareChoresMultiplyLove video.

I am so happy that this topic is finally getting the limelight during such times when its most required. Seeing my family get together to #ShareTheLoad , it gives me immense satisfaction that we have accepted this notion of equality and it is only going to spread from here on. After all, Charity begins from home na?

So take a pledge if you haven’t already.

‘ I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda